Youth Ministry Goals

·         Develop and maintain a positive spiritual environment.

·         Improve communication, collaboration and morale between youth, pastor, ministries, leaders             and  parents.

·         Support  Zion Mill Creek activities and church events.

·         Attend religious activities of the community.

Youth Ministry Mission

The Youth Ministry of Zion Mill Creek Baptist Church will provide a nurturing and spiritual environment, which prepares the youth to achieve their potential and become competent. Responsible contributing individuals in an ever-changing world. Youth Ministry Standards The Youth Ministry will strive to direct the youth to a point where they hunger and thirst for God daily and to be spirit-filled and anointed. The Youth Ministry will continue to motivate and provide activities, worship services and events for the youth to develop a strong relationship with God and to be a positive role model in society. The Youth  Ministry will illuminate and impact the youth with innovative methods of expressions in an effort to inspire and maintain involvement in the church. Salute to the Youth You are the hope of the world You are radiant with energy You are undaunted by “impossible” You believe in the basic honesty of men You face life as a great adventure You dream noble dreams Your marching feet beat a symphony of progress!

 Youth Goals

·         The conquest of disease

·         The outlawing of war

·         The dawn of the more abundant life

·         The harmonizing of industry

·         The creation of beauty ·       

The revival of the spirit   As the youth march into the future with banners flying high, eyes shining with the splendor of your ideals, make the most of every opportunity, for you are the hope of the world! Use the gifts and abilities God has given you!

Youth Events/ Ministries  

Word and Worship Children & Youth Bible Study 

Learning and growing in the word of God Ages 3-17 Wednesday 6:30p.m.-  7:30 p.m.

Youth Choir Youth Voices of Zion Ages 3-16 Praising God through songs Preparing God Angels –

Academic Enrichment Tutorial Program

Tuesdays   6:30 p.m. – 8:00 P.M.

Assisting students in grades one through twelve with their homework, computer skills and test preparation Career Quest/Exploring Careers Youth exploring careers options and future educational plans

Juniors Ushers Ages 5-17

Youth door keepers and greeters Junior Missionary Society  

Ages 10-17 Youth Missionaries

Youth rendering mission work 

Children’s Day

The second Sunday in June The children/youth assist with the order of service. A guest speaker is usually invited.

Children’s Church Ages 3 -12

Worshipping God through the eyes of a child 1st,2nd & 4rd Sundays

Future Leaders Ages 5-17

Boys only Mentoring and training our young men to be strong, stable, positive, successful spiritually, emotionally and physically.                                                      

The Blossoms Girls Age 3-17

Beautiful Ladies of Special Seedlings of Mill Creek Assist young ladies in becoming wholesome well-rounded Christians, learning about God and life  

Youth Praise Team  Ages 6-16

Learning the word of God through praise and songs exalting the name of God  

Youth Conference Ages 6-17

The conference will consist of speakers, talents showcase, step team competition, movies, praise dancers, praise and worship service.