Our History

The late Reverend H. E. Taylor, who was a layman at the time, founded Mill Creek Baptist Church in 1883. The congregation worshipped in a building located on Old Garners Ferry Road on the property of Mr. Nick Caughman. The first building was started in 1887 under the leadership of Reverend John Green and construction was completed in 1894.

Prior to the calling of Reverend Frank M. Young, the following ministers served as pastor: Reverend William M. Lowman, Reverend William Thompson and Reverend Broadus. Reverend Frank M. Young served for over forty years. Under his leadership land was purchased from Epworth Orphanage. Deacon Alvin Williams and Deacon Sidney White conducted fundraisers to purchase the first acre of land, where the church sat in 1942. The trustees signing the deed for this purchase were: Mr. Allen Rose, Mr. Ernest White, Mr. Jerry Isaac and Mr. Edgar Williams. In 1968, the church was moved from Mr. Caughman's land to its present site and the exterior was bricked in 1969. In 1974, Dr. Alfred Burnside donated the steeple atop the old sanctuary in memory of the late Annie Williams.

In 1977, Reverend Blakely N. Scott, III was called to serve as pastor. At that time the church began its revitalization in membership, which had dwindled over the years. Under his administration worship service was held at an earlier hour and every Sunday. In 1979, construction began on the Educational Building and was completed in 1980.

On December 30, 1979, Reverend James M. Wilson was installed as pastor and continued the building of the church until his departure in 1992. During his tenure, the church was incorporated and re-furnished along with the purchase of many other items for serving the Lord in comfort.

In 1993, Reverend W. Bernard Sumter was called and continues to lead the congregation. Under his leadership the church has undergone growth in membership, property acquisition, ministries and countless testimonies of faith. On July 21, 1996, groundbreaking services were held for our present sanctuary in which construction was completed in 1997. In December of 1999, we dedicated our new banquet hall to the Lord. Since then our ministerial staff has grown to include the following offices (1st Assistant to the Senior Pastor, Elders and Ministers) under the leading of our Senior Pastor, Bishop Wendell Bernard Sumter. Above all, our ministry continues to do what it takes to reach the lost at any cost by offering an interactive web site featuring audible sermons by our Pastor; the airing of our High Time Radio Broadcast and partnering with other churches, the school districts and businesses to provide outreach projects that meet the varied needs of our community

Lastly, although we've been showered with many material blessings, our greatest asset is a temple filled with the presence of the Lord. Our church has been abundantly blessed individually and collectively, because we are fully persuaded that with God all things are possible. No one knows what the future holds, but we are pressing forward toward the prize of our high calling in Christ Jesus endeavoring to reach, teach and equip others to become effective, purpose-driven and dedicated Kingdom Builders.