Life In Rythm
A ten-week small group experience designed to help individuals integrate the 7 Rhythms of a Disciple into the two spheres in which we spend most of our lives – work and relationships.

This 10-week curriculum is designed to empower individuals to establish healthy rhythms of discipleship and live out God’s design in the two spheres in which we spend most of our time—work and family. Using the same framework of risk experiences, 7 Rhythms, individual devotionals and group discussion, Life In Rhythm will move your groups from Rooted into deeper relationship with God and others.

Thursdays 7PM


Content Flow Weeks 1-5 weeks focus on work and Weeks 6-10 focus on relationships – this was intentional to allow people to warm up in their group around a topic that is more public (work) before we get to a more personal conversation around family background and ongoing relationships.

Week 1 | Setting the Table/Intro

Week 2 | God’s Design For Work

Week 3 | Broken and Restored

Week 4 | Why We Work + Giving Adventure, Work Mission Statement, Work Prayer Experience

Week 5 | Rest

Week 6 | God’s Design for Relationships + Serve Experience

Week 7 | How to Live In Loving Relationships

Week 8 | Relational Wounds

Week 9 | Relational Values + My 5 Relational Values, Home Prayer Experience

Week 10 | Relational Discipleship + Celebration: Story Guide